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Majiloon Electric Balloon Pump Company is For Sale.
Serious inquiries only can Contact DJ

New Pumps are not available at this time. Batteries and accessories are available. Repairs are also available. For repairs send your unit to:

Kenosha Magic
3721 60th Street
Kenosha, WI 53144

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“I just wanted to say how much I love my Majiloon pump. I was blowing up about 1000 balloons per week. People love watching me blow up balloons by mouth. I am faster than any pump out there, but as the years went by this started to become harder and harder. So when I turned 50  I new I needed to get a pump. But it couldn’t be any pump, it had to be the best pump out there. After checking out almost every pump on the market I bought a Majiloon contractor. This pump is great. It is powerful,  fast, and the battery last a long time.  Its the best pump I have ever seen. Its the only pump that can keep up with me. I love it.”

Steve Gambrill Sr
The Extreme Balloon Man

Custom Majiloon Balloon Pumps Handmade for You!

DJ Ehlert is the the owner of Majiloon. DJ is a full time professional performer, president of Kenosha Magic, and the author of “Success Strategies for the Restaurant Performer.” Visit to learn more about DJ Ehlert. DJ has a passion for his clients, products, and prides himself on superior customer service. Feel free to contact DJ with any questions or comments at 262 652 0300.


Designed with the knowledge of Majiloon- a real world working professional over a 23 year period, in order to liberate the performer and their presentation!

Thank you for your consideration of the purchase of what many are calling the best portable electric balloon pump in the World! Majiloon has developed this pump under the strictest conditions. Because of the enormous output that is required to sustain enough income to survive, this pump had to become a reality. Majiloon had to make balloons in a big way, and lots of them, to get people’s attention while competing in various venues.

The Biomechanical pumps were not fast enough, and eventually gave me serious muscle problems, even critical tendon and cartilage damage. Yet other battery pumps were not thought out completely and they were all too loud and scared kids, or were just too loud for anything indoors.

Some pumps actually burned my fingers, or melted or popped the balloon after prolonged use. Some just got too hot and stopped working!

ALL of these electric pumps had switches that were not rated properly, and eventually wore themselves out so that the switch no longer triggered the pump to work. I spent thousands of dollars and several years on these contraptions until I decided to invest my time to develop my own!

After all the frustration we focused all energy into creating the Majiloon Compressors specifically designed for the professional balloon artist.

We are proud that Majiloon is the number one battery powered electric balloon pump in the world!


Easy to use!

Ergonomically custom fit-E-Z Battery change & charge!

Symetrical tip specifically designed for 160 & 260 balloons with the pump lever right at the tip for easy inflation!

Symetrical tip specifically designed for 160 & 260 balloons with the pump lever right at the tip for easy inflation!

Zip-back wrap around nozzle!

Hands & arms free operation!

Special industrial fabric       Hand-sewn!

Safety shut off!

Battery & Charger included!

Now Inflate effortlessly!


I needed specific things to be built into the design of a pump for it to be useful at any event I may be called to perform. I wrote down these things as criteria for the Perfect Pump!

  • Mobile, so I can move around.
  • Both of my hands in front of my body while standing up and I needed to operate the pump with one hand.
  • The pump should be worn around me so it went wherever I went.
  • It should be easily and comfortably worn and easy to remove. It should be on my person so that it is not in my way and virtually invisible to my customers.
  • Reach for it without looking or fumbling for it, to react to the customers with lighting speed.
  • Quiet as possible.
  • Inflation lever at my fingertips for easy use!

When I combined all of these together in one package I knew I would have THE PUMP that I would use every day!

     I designed this pump with very carefully selected materials. The pack itself is made with a unique fabric that breathes, is very durable, somewhat water resistant, (not waterproof) heat resistant, and does not stretch out of shape. Each cloth pouch is hand made one at a time. The motor design is the most durable in the World.

     The tiny hidden circuitry, is designed for trouble free operation without fear of damaging the battery, switches, or the motor. The battery is a sealed lead-acid type, and does not have memory problems the other pumps have- you can charge it anytime you need and expect full power when it’s done every time.

     The pouch is designed with two types of insulation, one for sound and one for comfort. The inside of the pouch has an anti-stretch strap to keep it from stretching after years of wear. The weight is surprisingly light, and positioned so that you might even forget your wearing it, and is absolutely the most comfortable pump you will ever wear!

     The vinyl hose has been positioned ergonomically into your hand so that all you have to do is contract your palm slightly to release the air pressure. Even the nozzle has been modified to give the maximum airflow in the shortest time.

     All of these ingredients work together, and if any of these things are modified in any way. This pump was designed to be the best in the world, with 5 years of research and development! We have created the Majiloon to make balloon sculpting virtually effortless!!!

Introducing the line of Majiloon’s NEW balloon inflators Back by popular demand, literally from folks around the World.

Majiloon is now owned and operated by DJ Ehlert. DJ is the owner of Kenosha Magic and Costume and is also the author of “Success Strategies for the Restaurant Performer.”

Majiloon electric balloon pumps will continue to maintain the custom comfort fit that it has become famous for over the last 10 years as well as updated wiring and more quiet operation.

The Single (single compressor) The Majiloon Single is the perfect pump for limited usage such as small parties and Restaurant Performers. This unit was not designed for line work. If you are inflating on a larger scale one of the dual compressor units will be more appropriate.

For professional balloon workers, who are used to working in bigger venues where noise is relatively low, normal, and certainly tolerable- we will recommend these additional models, All of which utilize 2 compressors;

The Professional (dual compressor) making this the fastest electric balloon inflator in the World.


I have been using the Majiloon pumps for the past 5 years.  Before using a pump I would blow up all my balloons by mouth. Eventually I developed a hernia that had to be operated on.  At the time I did not realize that blowing up balloons might have caused it. Now knowing the possible effects of blowing up balloons, I truly believe that this was the
reason for the surgery.

Since that time I have used several pumps.  Nothing I have used comes close to the
Majiloon.  I have used several different models and each time I get a new one there are new improvements
that make the pump even better then before.  These improvements are due to the hard work of DJ who took
over the company within the past few years.  It is amazing how he has improved the product and he is
great with dealing with any questions you may have about your pump.  Thanks DJ.

The design of the pump makes it very easy to wear and convenient to use. It is balanced well on the hips so you do not feel you are wearing something at all. The compressors are placed in the back and the nozzle is attached to a tube that snakes around your hips and is easy to place a balloon on.  It then is attached to a retractable key chain so it snaps back into place leaving your hands free to work faster and more efficiently.

It comes in several models but I highly recommend the newest model the Majiloon Combo that I just purchased. It
comes with 2 compressors to give it a very powerful and quick blow up time. What a genius idea!  I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with this before.

I highly recommend this product!  If you are a twister that does a lot of gigs especially long gigs with long lines, you wont be sorry that you have this beauty of a pump to keep you going.
Mike Gold
The Ballooniac
New York, NY


     **It is not recommended for continual usage of 6 or more hours a day- day after day. If you are inflating balloons this often it is a good idea to buy 2 pumps and rotate them.

     If you still have questions, please feel free to call Kenosha Magic at (262) 652-0300. Any new products returned will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping and handling charges are also not refundable. Majiloon will give you a free consultation over the phone to further determine whether this equipment is appropriate for you.

Kenosha Magic – 3721 60th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144