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I am an honest man running a business as a labor of love for fellow entertainers as well as providing some of the income that I use to feed my family.

Why would someone be dishonorable and not pay for merchandise that they have taken possesion of and used? Feel free to ask them for yourself.

Althogh I have struggled with the decision to create this page I have decided to reveal the facts reguarding the four times we have been mistreated at Majiloon.

This page will soon be dedicated to allowing others to see for themselves the facts and make their own determinations.

If you owe Majiloon money pay it.

The ONLY way to not have the facts reguarding your situation removed from this page is to pay the invoice. If you do anything other than pay your invoice I will still post the facts with the most recent updates and continue to post your invoice until it has been paid – with money!

Some people are more paitent and fair than many and unfortunately some people use this to try and take advantage of others.


Keith Lock

1039 Pine Street

Orlando, FL 32824

866 905 9858

407 858 9858

[email protected]

[email protected]


Keith’s unpaid balance is : $508.95


Keith Lock of Magical arts and design ordered a Majiloon pump on 11-11-09 and I used the materials that I spent hard earned money to aquire. In good faith I manufactured a great product and shipped it to Keith as he was going to “Test it in his new magic tables and order more pumps once he tested it”.

It has been over a year! Keith has promised on many occasions that he was going to make payments until he paid it off. I have yet to recieve any payments and now I am wasting more time to write this!


Julia O’Connell

2337 Del Mar Ave

Kingman, AZ 86409


[email protected]

Julia O’Connell took a Majiloon Pump including the battery and charger from my dealer booth at the convention and filled out the order form. I attempted to process the order and the transaction was declined. I have made several attempts to contact Julia through phone, email, and letters in the mail. She has not responded to any of my attempts to contact her.